An Open Letter on Joining AvantStay

As you may have heard, as of November 1, 2023 we joined the AvantStay Family! This is very exciting news, and we want to share how this will drive our overall offering forward for all stakeholders involved; homeowners, employees, and renters alike!

Who? AvantStay is a privately-held property management company out of Los Angeles. At the time of this writing, they operate in 30+ markets with 1,500+ rental units. They focus on the "nicer" stays within a market, and chose to be somewhat selective with who they work with (similar to Pocono Rentals & Management). You can learn more on their website here .

What? They are acquiring the Pocono Rentals & Management Team as well as leading in the management duties for all existing and future clients. It's important for us to make clear that the whole team successfully transitioned over, and most homeowners saw this partnership as a net positive development. Over the coming months, AvantStay will gradualy transition management responsibilities to their software, while the PRM team stays in place and continues to operate seamlessly.

Why? Truthfully, we've always been open to partnership. Upon founding the company, we were always open to combining forces to create a better solution; whether this be my co-founding or merging. However, we've maintained the philosophy: "if it's not a 10, it's a 0". What this means to us is we would only entertain partnership if it was a clear and obvious benefit, for today and into the future.

Upon meeting with AvantStay, it became very clear that this was a "10". They bring a lot of create industry knowledge and technology to help us be better. This comes in the form of the following, but not limited to...

  • Dedicated pricing managers
  • Industry leading
  • Strong brand and SEO presence
  • Digital marketing advertising
  • Developed CRM list and increased direct booking capabilities
  • Team operational knowledge to "reduce waste"

It also went a long way in knowing that they weren't to "rock the boat". They saw a lot of value in the team and our ability to do what we do! For this reason, they do want to change some things, but they do not have an interest in a massive overhaul. On the homeowner-front, they agreed to honor all existing management agreements & pricing, and on the employee-front they were excited to bring over the whole team, setting them up with better benefits and opportunities for advancement (and cultural perks!).

I'll attempt to keep this short, but in an increasing competitive market, we want to be reacting to market conditions and we are joyously running to this opportunity to help our solution be better for everyone involved.

How? Over the coming months, AvantStay will gradually transition management responsibilities to their software, while the PRM team stays in place and continues to operate seamlessly. This is anticipated to be completed by Summer '24.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please send any questions to Thanks, and we hope to work together soon!