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Binder-less Binders? What's going on here?!

For too long vacation homes have been plagued with 97 page binders, stuffed with triple copies of brochures from near and far and crossed out home instructions. We say, "no more!". For today, today we make our divine stand, blaze a new path, break into the 21st century and introduce a better way. We don't do away with the Binder because it is easy, we do away with the Binder because it's hard!

So I hope that was as fun for you to read as it was for me to write, but on a serious note we're excited to introduce a better way to help guests experience the Poconos (and your home) so with the help of Enso we're beginning to introduce Digital Home Guides.

If you're interested in learning more about Enso, please Read Here , but in short we use Enso for two essential features:

  1. Before Their Stay - (if applicable) Enso helps us confirm the guests identity, sign the Rental Agreement, pay the Security Deposit, and more.
  2. During Their Stay - Enso provides visual Check-In Instructions, Home Guides, Community Guides, Area Guides, Instructional Videos, recommendations, Check-Out Instructions and more

So #2 above is how we're introducing the "Binder-less Binders" and more specifically the Digital Home Guides. The primary renter receives a link from Enso that gives them access to all these features, and what we're doing is adding frames to all out homes that guide all the guests to this same link, so that way whoever is there is able to access the same level of information as the primary renter.

enso frame

It has the QR Code and URL sitting right on the frame (we bought the URL www.Poconos.Guide for this purpose!) and our team will dynamically insert their specific guest keycard link to the Poconos.Guide URL. This is complicated jargon, but what you need to know is when the guest is in the house and scans the QR Code it will bring them to their specific Link!

After they scan or type in the link, there are quite a few different features they have access to...

But Why Do This?

  • Changing Check-in/out Instructions - It can be challenging for us updating/printing/delivering new binder sheets when instructions change. This way, we can have them live right on the site and can be updated swiftly!
  • Up-Sells - Can more easily introduce up-sells such as late-checkouts (and maybe in the future things like grocery deliveries!)
  • Clean and Ease of Use - it may be a bit unconventional at this time, but it provides a clean platform, let's the guest prepare their stay in advance (can see the attractions before check-in), and resonates professionally.

This is still very much in phase 1 but we very much look forward to a continued partnership with Enso as we grow as a business!