A common question we get is...

"Is cleaning included in the management fee?"

The simple answer is no, but there's more information to understand so please read on!

Our management fee our compensation to step into your shoes to manage your home on your behalf. The best way to think of it is you are the business owner and we are your manager. As the owner, you still have to pay for the expenses to run the business. In this case, it's things like cleaning, restocking materials, cleaning the hot tub, etc. We organize that, make sure the people show up, do their job to a high standard, bring the materials by, etc. We do not assume those costs for you. Another way to think of it is if you were to self-manage your home, these are all still costs you would need to pay. You pay the cleaners, you buy the toilet paper, you have to pay Airbnb 3% to list your home, so on and so forth.

But you're not out-of-pocket the cost of cleaning because we charge the renters a cleaning fee. For example, if we charge you $150 to clean your home, we might charge the guests $195 as the "cleaning fee". But why a $45 difference? We want to cover off on other fixed-costs to rent your home. This might include...

  • The cost of cleaning - $150
  • Restocking materials - $20
  • Hot Tub Chemical Balancing - $25

So we want to bake in some additional money into that cost of cleaning to make sure we are covering off on your fixed costs!

Furthermore, there are a few big benefits to using us as your property management solution:

  • Our Cleaning Team - we do have our own cleaning team to help clean your home, and 95% of our clients use our cleaning team for their cleaning services. Big advantage - they are our team so we can tell them what to do! Many outside cleaning don't clean under furniture or clean windows (yes, that was one we heard!). With our cleaning team, we can make sure they clean to your and our specifications.
  • Your Not Losing 25% - I cannot make this clear enough, so I talk about it Here , but in short we are really good at what we do, and are able to make you more money than you can reasonably make on your own by using technology and a team of professionals, exhibiting industry best practices.

Please let us know if you have any questions!