Hostaway can do a looooot, and I don't want to completely overwhelm you, so what we'll be doing today is covering the broad strokes of what Hostaway can do. Keep in mind, it can do a lot more and if you do have nay questions please let us know. Ready?!

Note - this post is mostly about how we use Hostaway to manage the homes that we represent. If you are more interested in how you can use Hostaway to manage your home's performance, please view this post Here

Hostaway | Broad Capabilities

Hostaway is a PMS (property management software) which means it's the technology that connects all our other pieces of technology. That probably means nothing to you, so let me be more specific!

Calendar Management - Hostaway talks to all our booking platforms (think: Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) to make sure we don't double book any dates!


Guest Messaging - Hostaway provides a "unified inbox" so whether a guest books on Airbnb, VRBO, etc. we can speak to them in one centralized spot!


Listing Management - this allows up to update our listings all in one spot. Headlines, photos, cleaning fees, you name it! We update the info in Hostaway and it "pushes" out that information to Airbnb, VRBO and more.


Owner Statements - Hostaway collects all the financial booking information directly from the booking platforms and puts it in a clean, precise Owner Statement that you are able to view in real time :)


All in all, Hostaway helps us be more accurate and more consistent when speaking with guests, updating listings and paying out owners! Want to learn more?