How do we do what we do? We manage 75+ listings, host 30,000+ guests/year with 4,000 turnovers and 15+ team members?

Say it with me! Op-er-to. Operto!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... But what is Operto?

They are a property maintenance software (not to be confused with Hostaway which is our Property Management Software). Where Hostaway helps us listings (think: calendar management, updating photos/headlines, communicating with guests, etc.), Operto helps us manage our in-the-field team (cleaning and maintenance). Let's go deeper!

Pssst - here is a video showing our platform, schedule, home management, and more. We're big believers in transparency and don't care if we over-share!

There are a few core features of Operto that were complete game-changers for us are allowed us to automate a lot of manual tasks that didn't need to be manual.

Turnovers (a/k/a, cleaning tasks, not the delicious pastry!) - with Operto, it actually integrates with Hostaway so it knows when the check-outs and the check-ins are (how cool is that?!). Furthermore, when we get new reservations it actually moves the turnover tasks to comply with the new check-in and check-out times! This schedule management was super laborious and if this was all Operto did for us we would still be smitten, but alas there is more!

Turnover Checklists - we can create fully custom turnover checklists for our cleaners so they can follow all the necessary steps (they have the app). Have a bear box? They'll sprinkle the ammonia on it. Have water you need to shut off? They've got you covered! We create 20-30 steps per turnover to ensure everything is checked off on and the home is ready for the next guests!

Feedback from the Field - while the VRM team manages the schedule management, it is up to the cleaning (and maintenance) team to leave feedback. For example, let's say the cleaners go to clean and there's a bed basket missing. They can provide this feedback in the app and our remote VRM team can order a new one, drop ship it to the house, and schedule someone to come by, pick it up and put it out. Boom, boom, BOOM!

If you can't tell I really love Operto. But wait, there's more!

It also goes on to color code the homes by community, orders the stops in a logical logistical way (less back and forth!), let us know when turnovers are complete, can track how long it takes to clean, adding in piece-pay to pay the cleaners, and honestly so much more. We wouldn't be "here" without Operto and they've very much helped us be better partners to our clients in ensuring all homes are property taken care of :)