Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I'll keep this short and sweet!

Within Hostaway (our property management software) you're able to view your Owner Statement. What does this mean? It's where you can see your finances, in real time.


And below is a visual:

Owner Statement

Keep in mind, you can only access the owner statement from the desktop (not the app) and any previous months will be displayed in your shared-folder (not within Hostaway itself).

Within the Hostaway App, you can see your booking calendar as well as "reservations" section. In the reservation section, you may see a few different statuses that we want to take a moment to explain:


Its not uncommon for us to get questions from homeowners asking about the "inquiry" status and wondering why it's not a booking. Before booking, a guest usually has a question about their potential stay, such questions may be...

  • Can I bring my dog?
  • We're under 18 but really mature, can we book?
  • We want to pay $300 less, can you do that?

So in some cases, we're not able to accommodate the guests request so it will remain in "inquiry" status. In other cases, we may "pre-approve" a guest based on their interaction with us, such a case may be...

  • Potential Renter: "We love your house! Does it have a dishwasher?"
  • PRM: "It does! We even provide detergent, sponges, dishsoap and more. We're sending across the pre-approval and look forward to hosting you!"

At this point, we're pre-approving the potential renter to book the home, but they still not follow through. In this case, the reservation will still be sitting in "inquiry" although their question has been answered and we pre-approved them.

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions!