Revised: 3/30/23

We've been around the block a few times and while we like to be as flexible as we can with each individual owner's preferences there are a few items we do need to universally have on-hand.

"Stocked" Home

We need our homes to be turnkey! The Poconos is primarily a weekend destination, and with 4pm check-ins and 11am check-outs it means that the guests don't have a whole lot of time at the homes. So in order to get them the most out of their stay (and to stay competitive above the competition) we want to have (nearly) everything ready to go for them.

Sheets and Towels - Yes and Yes! This is what we request... - Two and Two- "Two sheets per bed and two towels per head". This gives us the backups we need to quick turnovers as backups on hand - Hand Towels and Washcloths - here we like to see about 3 washcloths per "head" and 2 hand towels per bathroom. - Neutral Colors - We strongly prefer neutral colors (grey) as whites are difficult to keep bright over long periods of time without the use of heavy-duty machinery - Lightweight - the thick towels and flannel sheets might be comfy but they take forever to dry and we can't hang around waiting for the dryer to finish all day!


For towels, we LOVE Target's Room Essentials Brand . They're lightweight, economical, durable and none too scratchy!

For sheets, Amazon is the way to go! Specifically their own brand , which feels a bit underwhelming but their good products that will serve well for the long haul!

"Restockables" - This is toilet paper, paper towels, detergents, soaps, toiletries, and more. All in all there are about 15 items and we provide in order to get the guests what they need to immediately settle in! You do not need to buy these, we will bring them by. If you're a new client and already "stocked up" on them, please let us know and we can offer a credit to effectively buy them off of you to make you whole.

Duvets vs Blankets - we are a bit more agnostic here. We will clean the duvets covers and/or blankets when we perform our seasonal deep cleans (or as needed), but once again, we would prefer to not have whites.

Soap Dispensers - clean hands are important, especially in a life post-COVID! We do require non-frothing soap dispensers (the hand soap replacement we use is non-frothing) and we can provide the dispensers if you do not have them on-hand

Bed Baskets - we use these to have a nice, presentable appearance on the beds with clean towels, washcloths, and branded toiletries . We know it's all about first impressions and we want to find affordable ways to 'wow'!

bed basket

Coffee, Tea, Sugar Containers - there's providing the bear* essentials and then there's surprise and delight! That's what we're doing here, making every effort to exceed the guests expectations and we know how important coffee (and tea and sugar) are to the equation. We'll restock the containers and can provide them if you don't have them on-hand.

Brita (or filtered water) - well water can get a bit murky, especially if the home is left to sit. For this reason we want to have clean drinking water so everyone stays hydrated!

Signs - we will come by and add some signage (nothing you need to do) to explain how to use things, follow rules, provide instructions, and more.

Batteries and Lightbulbs - having backup batteries and lightbulbs on-hand are important! Remotes die, bulbs burn out, and we want to have a designated area where they are kept so we (or the guests) can access and swap out as needed!

And finally there is one product that we will provide and mandate, which is the StayFi unit . Please click the link to learn more, but in short it allows us to capture ALL renter information to help facilitate more repeat stays, leading to more money to you and better relationships for us!

If you have any other questions please let us know :)