As you may know, Springtime in the Poconos is considered the "shoulder" season, or "mud" season by many. Reason being? The snow melts and there's quite a bit of mud. It tends to be too warm to ski, too cold to go in the lakes, and too muddy to hike. In other words, the demand shifts and we have to do more to try to manufacture demand.

What We Are Doing:

Below are some strategies we're actively implementing to make sure we are attracting guests to your home and keeping the calendar as full as possible:

  • Changing Cover Photos - we pivot the exterior photos from Winter, snowy pictures to warmer Spring/Summer photos
  • Changing Headlines - we are actively managing/changing the title and headlines to attract guests. Ex: "Available THIS Week!"
  • Pricing/Discounts - We lower the base-rate pricing in the Spring to stay competitive
    • Note - We do maintain a certain minimum nightly rate as to not charge too little for your home. By charging too little, we can attract more of an unsavory crowd and it tends to invite more problems and headaches.
  • Relaxing Cancellation Policies - Give guests more flexibility to cancel their stay, helping to rank your home better on the booking platforms as well as give guests peace of mind to book.
  • Merchandising - another version of discounting directly through Airbnb, this allows us to offer a discount in the nightly rate in order to be featured in emails and other premium placement locations.

Things you can do - there are certain things that you can do in order to help your home continue to perform.

  • Like Your Listing - If you like your listing (and even have family/friends like your listing) Airbnb will give your listing a healthy "bump" which will help you attract more eyeballs!
  • Allow Pets - Allowing Pets is the biggest lever at your disposal. Guests like to travel with their furry friends, and by allowing pets (even if it's just for the season) you can attract more demand in this increasingly competitive market.

Project Season - If there's any work you're looking to do on your home, the Spring tends to be the best time to do it! This is the season where you can block off your calendar for a few weeks and make improvements without the fear/risk that you're costing yourself money but not having your home open to guests. If you have any projects you would like us to work on, or would like recommendations, please let us know!

As we slowly approach Memorial Day, demand will consistently rise and you can come to expect more bookings for more revenue with time. The Summers get busy, so please don't let the Spring discourage you and we will be making sure we get our team and process ready for a busy Summer 😀