First off, if you're reading this, thank you! There's a lot of links on this website, and you somehow gravitated towards the section that talks about us giving back. That's pretty cool! Thanks for checking it out :)

Why Give Back?

To us, it's all about helping:

  • Helping our Employees - earning a living, doing something they enjoy with a company that treats them well
  • Helping our Clients (homeowners) - afford a second home, or monetize a investment property, without it feeling like a 2nd job
  • Helping Renters - have a better rental experience, one that they remember for a long time!

But what does this really mean? If our employees didn't work for us, they'd find employment elsewhere. If our clients didn't work with us, they'd self-manage or find another property manager. And if our renters didn't rent with us, they'd rent with someone.

So is there anything we can do to make a bigger difference?

Effective Altruism

A great way to help is by giving back. But it's not about just giving. It's about giving where we have the most impact. Who can we give to that needs the money most? Who uses the money most efficiently? Not all nonprofits are created the same, and there are now independent companies that are able to evaluate who needs the money the most and who uses the money the most efficiently! This leads us into Effective Altruism.

Non-Profit Partnership

We're very happy to say we've chosen New Incentives as our nonprofit partner and have committed to giving back 1% of our management proceeds at a minimum.

New Incentives

Who is New Incentives? New Incentives is a nonprofit group that operates in West Africa, helping to both (1) educate families on the importance/impact of vaccinations (2) providing the means to get vaccinated (i.e. transportation, covering daily wage to spend a day getting it done, etc.). No, this isn't the COVID vaccination, and these vaccinations against...

  • Tuberculosis
  • Diphtheria
  • Whooping Cough
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles

How is the money being spent? New Incentives operates with a high level of transparency which allows independent companies like Give Well to better identify who the top Non-Profits are. In the case of New Incentives, we can directionally understand how much our philanthropic efforts help!

  • $47/vaccine - For ever $47 we donate, they are able to provide the incentives for one more child to become vaccinated
  • $3,160/life - The death rates can be calculated, and children that are not getting vaccinated against these disease states will sadly die at an increased rate, to no fault of their own. And we can understand/calculate what that death rate is and how much we need to give to truly help save a life.

Why New Incentives? Seems like an odd partnership, right? How goes managing rental properties in the Poconos tie into vaccinating children in West Africa? I'm happy you asked! A few reasons...

  • Vaccines are relevant and important - When we created PRM, it was right alongside the onset of COVID.
  • I'm a father - this also happened alongside the business creation, and the idea of helping children through your cause really pulls at my heartstrings :)
  • Effective Altruism - New Incentives has been identified as a nonprofit that...
    • Can really use the extra money and funding. There's more work to be done!
    • Runs very efficiently, where the money received has a maximum impact (little goes towards waste, administration, etc).
    • Is transparent, and you know what you get! Many nonprofits operate in a blackbox. This is not the case with New Incentives.

Local Partnership

We also partner with the Lake Harmony Rescue Squad and Ambulance Corp. through Amazon Smile. As you may imagine, there are a lot of expenses that come with running a property management business, and we make a concerted effort to do our purchasing through Amazon Smile, which donates a percentage of our overall purchases back to the nonprofit of our choice.

While it may not be a lot, we hope to do more in the future. Helping is at our core and we hope to help more in the near future. And if you made it this far, thanks for reading this! And if you are craving some more reading, I highly recommend Doing Good Better by William Macaskill :)