How It Works

So how does this whole thing work?

Simply put, we manage and take care of your property for you! We communicate with renters, cleaners and care for every detail. Keep Scrolling to learn more about the nitty-gritty!

Initial Setup

Below are the steps we go through before going live with your listing

1. Inquiry Form

To start, we require potential clients to first fill out an inquiry form. This gives us the information we need to make sure we can work with one another as well as learn more about what you're looking for! The form can be filled out here:

Inquiry Form →

2. Fact Finding Call

Once the form is complete, we will reach out to you to schedule a 30 minute fact-finding call to learn more about what you're looking for, tell you more about our services, and make sure we're right for each other!

3. Home Visit (or Walkthrough)

If all seems right and we're a good fit for one-another, we'll like to set up a time to meet you, and the property, in person! Sometimes people aren't available to meet in person so we can also do a walk-through if you provide us with access to your home.

4. Management Agreement and Checklist

While we do not have a setup fee and you can cancel at any time, we do have a management agreement that needs to be signed before we can begin actively managing your property (please email us at if you would like to see this in advance).

We will also send along our New Home Checklist which will give us (near) all the information we need in order to create your listing

New Home Checklist →

5. Listing Creation

Once we have your permission to list your home we'll plan a trip to come by, take pictures, drop off start-up materials, and get crackin' on building out your listing (please note that this can take 1-2 weeks, there's a lot that needs to be done on the initial setup!)

6. Final Touches and LIVE!

Almost there! Once the home/listings are ready we will send you an email giving you all the logins/listings/information you need for working with one another. If all looks good, we will set it live and be ready to invite our first guests!

Ongoing Management

We're full-service, and handle a lot! Below are some of our main responsibilities but our scope of work is not limited to the below items.

Answering Inquiries and Renters

Now that we're live, we'll begin receiving inquiries from renters, or questions/requests from active renters. Our Guest Relations team handles all these promptly, ensuring we're getting more bookings and more happy guests!

Cleaning and Restocking

The Cleaning Team will visit shortly after guest departure, check for damage/condition, restock the materials in the home, and (obviously!) clean the home/turn over the laundry so it's ready for the next guests!

Maintenance and Upkeep

We take care of your home so you don't have to! Our maintenance team will come by periodically to perform light handyman work, inspections and ensure the home is being well maintained. This ranges from refilling propane, checking thermostat, refilling hot tubs, spackling, and more. There are limits to what we can do and if any work would need to be done that would require a contractor (plumber, electrician, general contractor) we will contact you and facilitate the completion of the project.

Pricing Optimization

We use PriceLabs as our Dynamic Pricing Tool to help maximize revenue. Its algorithmically-based and takes into consideration real-time supply and demand to price your home at the apex of what it is able to make! We managing the pricing weekly, and while PriceLabs helps us be "more right" there is still human touch involved.

Financials and Taxes

We not only manage your home but also manage the financials, which we do using Hostaway which is our property management software and connects directly to our booking platforms (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.). This gives you a real-time look in to booking activity as well as clean Owner Statements that you can view at the conclusion of the month.

We also manage the Tax Payments required to be paid to the State and County. You can learn more about the Hotel Tax requirements .

Inevitably, there are a few instances not included here. If you do have any questions, please ask away and we’ll be happy to help 😄