Our Story

Our Mantras - We have two mantras (is that allowed?!)

  • To make owning a 2nd home an affordable reality for our clients (more money!)
  • Owning a 2nd home shouldn't be a 2nd job (less work!)

Our Philosophy - We treat your home the same way we treat our own! We understand how important it is to off-set mortgage payments/expenses (and even cash-flow positively!) because we’re in that same boat. We view you as an extension of our own family and we hope to work with you in the future πŸ˜ƒ

origin story

Pocono Rentals & Management was born out of necessity when Dave and his family purchased their first short-term rental home in the Poconos back in the Fall of 2019. We had always dreamed of owning a 2nd home and, for obvious reasons, weren't sure if we could afford it. We looked at a ton of options finally fell in love with the home riiiight on the outside of our budget. We considered using a property manager, but didn't get the impression that we would get enough of their attention (which we learned were all realtors, more interested in buying/selling homes than managing them).

It was a tough decision, but we took the leap and Dave began self-managing the family's new short-term rental. It was exciting, but not completely novel, as Dave got a taste of the hospitality bug back in 2014 when he rented out his Philadelphia Apartment. At this time, Dave's 9-5 was working in Digital Advertising, so he used many of these skills to help market the home. it was a success! Things were going well but Dave quickly realized that between answering guests, cleaning the home, fixing/repairing items, managing pricing and much more, that this was a full-time job, and thus Pocono Rentals & Management was born! Dave left the digital advertising world, began offering his services to others, and never looked back πŸ˜€

Here at PRM, we understand the needs of homeowners in the area because we are homeowners in the area! We take a hands-on, high-touch approach to managing your property, increasing its earning potential and taking all the work off your hands. Dave still makes the drive weekly, onboarding new clients, checking in on current ones, meeting with team members, and make sure he's viewing your home as one of his own. We're in this together :)

Meet the team

We will spare you the individual bios, but we are comprised of a few different sub-teams!

Vacation Rental Managers - (VRM's for short) This team is the point-of-contact for the homeowners and oversee the home's listing and management needs. They are the intermediary between the owners, renters, and business and while they sit remote and are not hands-on fixing issues, they are ensuring the correct team members address any concerns.

Guest Relations - Obviously enough, this team's responsibility is to make sure the future guest books, has all the information they need, is happy throughout their stay, and comes back again! They gather registration info, collect feedback from renters, and focus solely on the rental-side of the operation

Maintenance - We have an in-house maintenance team responsible for fix ups. This might be removing trash from a home, tightening bar stools, hanging a TV, and more! - Please note - we're not certified electricians, plumbers, etc.

Cleaning & Upkeeping - Our Cleaning Team is really the Cleaning PLUS Team! We task them for overseeing the in-home experience and give them more responsibility and autonomy to ensure you home is well tended to. This might include changing out light bulbs, swapping our batteries, but also reporting guest incidents, replacing towels and more!

Sales & Onboarding - This team is responsible for bringing homeowners on board! From "I think I'm interested in a home" --> "we're live and renting!"

And then there's me! - Hi, I'm Dave! Your resident Founder, Father, Friend. The business has evolved from solely me "doing" all the jobs listed above, and now I'm more tasked with overseeing the operation to ensure we are consistent and exceeding expectations. Property Management (and hospitality) is a LOT of work, and we're not perfect, but we will always strive to do right by you and do better!

Guest Relations

(not everyone is pictured, there's a lot of us!)