So how much does this cost?

Our introductory management fee is 25%* of the Gross Amount received but this does not mean you lose 25%, and using a property manager has shown to increase revenue by 37.8% on average (but we're above average 😄). Here is how we do it...

Since we have the Time, Tools, Technology and Team to effectively manage and promote your property, we’re able to boost your revenue considerably. It's a full time job for us! We integrate technology (including PriceLabs , our dynamic pricing partner) to effectively manage revenue, maximizing earning potential and not leaving money on the table.

*In certain circumstances, we can reduce our management fee below 25%. Typically this is reserved for clients with multiple and/or larger homes, but if you are curious to see if you might qualify, please ask!

We only make money when you make money! We structure our services so we're "in the same boat" and completely motivated and incentivized you make you (and us) the most money we reasonably can by following industry best practices, actively managing listings, and providing a great in-home experience!Having said that, our management fee does vary depending on a home's projected performance. Our goal isn't to charge you the highest management fee possible but instead to have long, fruitful partnerships where both parties feel like they're winning! Our tiered services are as follows: 25%* of what you make. We are structured in a way where we make money when you make money!

* Please note that this can be further reduced in certain circumstances, including managing multiple homes or larger homes. Please ask!

no startup costs

There is no cost to sign up! We help setup your home properly to make sure it’s not only what you like but also positioned well to be an effective rental (but we don’t get paid until your first renter stays!). We do, however, have some required items we need in the home to ensure a great stay!

no captive contracts

We don’t believe in captive contracts and only want to work with those who want to work with us! If we're ever not holding up our end of the arrangement for any reason, you're free to walk away penalty free (but we know you’ll be happy!)